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You need to have your windows cleaned regularly to ensure your view of beautiful Florida outdoors! Many people do not realize this, but dirt, debris, insect droppings, and much more accumulate on your windows over time. Furthermore, you may allow accelerated deterioration of the framing and trim of the window. Our window cleaning service is an excellent way to brighten up the inside of your home!

Having your windows cleaned regularly can help prevent dirt and grime as well as corrosive elements like salt that break down the components of your windows. As you may know, windows are one of the more expensive components of a home. Therefore they should be maintained accordingly. When you bundle our house washing service with our window cleaning service, you will have a flawless sparkling home!

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Our team utilizes state-of-the-art window cleaning technology, often called “pure water window cleaning,” made possible by a water-fed pole system. This water purification system takes standard tap water and passes it through a 3 or 4-stage filter system. By the time the water has been purified, it is entirely pure and has no contaminants whatsoever. Because of its purity, it makes the water a great cleaning agent for window cleaning. We scrub the windows with a gentle boar hair and nylon brush which does not leave scratches. Once the scrubbing is complete, the windows are rinsed with pure water, and you are left with perfect, spotless windows!

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At Spray Wash Exterior Pros, customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you’re looking for an experienced and reliable window washing company or need last-minute pressure washing services – rest assured that our team is up to the task!

Not only will your experience be top-notch with us, but it’s also backed by a satisfaction guarantee – because getting things done right matters most! So let us take care of all your exterior cleaning needs today. Reach out now for the best results from start to finish!



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Pure water window cleaning uses a water-fed pole system to safely and gently clean windows without causing damage or scratches. The pure water that is produced by the purification system help to wash away stubborn dirt and grime. Pure water window cleaning has many advantages, such as cleaning tall buildings from the ground without needing a lift. 

Our window cleaning system is slightly different from traditional window cleaning techniques. Pure water has no contaminants; therefore, it dries spotless and does not leave any marks! This is because the excess water is not squeegeed off the glass after cleaning.  

Water-fed pole systems offer poles up to 70ft, allowing you to clean a 7-story building from the ground! Because of this, pure water window cleaning is much more cost-effective than other methods that require a lift or tall ladders. 

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