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The concept of brick pavers has been around for centuries and has proven to be durable, strong, and serviceable. When making a home’s exterior look unique, many homeowners install a luscious landscape and beautiful pavers. Modern-day pavers can add massive curb appeal to any home. However, with this boost in curb appeal can come some extra maintenance!

Sealing your pavers offers many benefits, such as paver stabilization and protection against weed growth. Over time it is natural for pavers to settle, but you can minimize this settle by adequately sealing your pavers. Furthermore, sealing your pavers has been proven to help prevent those pesky weeds from growing up between your pavers!

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When sealing your pavers, many steps must be taken to ensure the job is done correctly. Due to the nature of the Florida climate, your pavers need a little added protection to prevent them from fading and breaking down. This is achieved by applying a high-quality paver sealer to the surface of the bricks! We encourage you to hire a professional paver sealing service, Spray Wash Exterior Pros, to perform the sealing process.

However, there are some important things you need to know when considering brick paver sealing at your home. Most importantly, it would help if you only used the highest quality sealer. Time after time, we see paver sealing jobs where a cheap sealer is used, and the sealer fails and creates more problems. Next, you must ensure that the surface is spotless from contaminants or stains. Any stain on the paver should be cleaned and removed before sealing.

Lastly, there should always be a minimum of two coats of sealer applied to the pavers. If you or a company that you hire insist on only installing one coat of sealer, it is more than likely a way to save money and cut corners. Applying two coats of sealer ensures every square inch is protected, which will then provide long-lasting results.

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Frequently Asked

On average, paver sealing can last 2-4 years. Many variables come into play that determines the lifespan of the sealer. These variables included how much rain you receive during the year, how many hours a day the pavers get direct UV rays, and how well the pavers are maintained during this time. Although paver sealing is a great way to lower your maintenance cost and protect your investment. The pavers will still require minor routine cleanings to help preserve the sealer. When you hire us to provide your paver sealing service, we will walk you through the steps of our process and the required additional care. 

You should always re-sand your pavers when sealing your pavers! Re-sanding the joints of your pavers before sealing offers many significant benefits! These benefits include stabilizing the pavers from shifting and preventing weeds from growing between the pavers. This is achieved by pairing a high-quality water-based urethane sealer with specialty silica sand, which hardens the sand into something similar to grout. This creates a rock-hard structure for years to come. 

When we provide paver sealing services, we can use a natural look (matte) sealer or a high-gloss (shiny) sealer. All of our products offer UV protection as well as joint stabilization. However, our natural-look sealer will not enhance the color of the pavers or leave a shine. In contrast, our high gloss paver sealer will leave a beautiful, even shine across the surface. When it comes down to which type of sealer to use, it is a purely personal preference!

If you live in a hot, humid, and wet climate like Florida, the only type of sealer you should use is water-based. The water-based sealer was specially designed for humid southern clients as it allows ground moisture to properly breathe within the sealer. The other popular choice on the market is a solvent-based sealer. Although this sealer can perform amazingly up north, it does not interact well here in Florida. Solvent-based sealer does not breathe properly and often will fail. When solvent-based sealer fails on the paver's surface, it turns white and slippery! This is not only an eyesore but also a tripping hazard! Therefore always play it safe and use water-based paver sealer in Florida.

Yes! If your pavers are significantly faded from the sun and almost white in color, don't panic because we can restore them! When it comes to paver restoration, there are several ways to restore the original colors from the pavers, but the most common technique is by using paver dye. Our specialty paver dye comes in all different colors and can be mixed in with our high-quality water-based sealer. With the use of dye, we can add a significant color pop to your pavers or even change the color! 

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