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Traditional pressure washing that uses high-powered water is excellent for cleaning hard surfaces such as driveways, patios, pool decks, bricks, pavers, and concrete! We use top-of-the-line equipment to get a nice and even deep clean. When performing power washing services, it is vital to understand the limits of the surface you are cleaning. That is why our staff has gone through hundreds of hours of training! Not only are we able to clean your dirty surfaces, but we can also protect them with our sealing services.

Ultimately, regular pressure washing is integral to maintaining your home’s beauty and value. We are one of the most trusted pressure washing companies in Martin County! Due to our wide range of exterior cleaning services, we have become the one-stop shop for all your pressure washing and soft washing needs! No job is too big or too small for our team and equipment.

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We currently offer both residential and commercial pressure washing services. Our commercial services can keep your place of business and storefront looking great, so you can continue to make a great first impression with your clients! Maintaining the curb appeal of any commercial property is very important for property value. That is why we offer custom-made maintenance packages tailored directly to your needs. We want to make exterior cleaning maintenance as easy as possible for you at a very affordable price! Contact us today so we can start putting your custom maintenance package together.

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At Spray Wash Exterior Pros, customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for an experienced and reliable pressure washing company or someone trying to resolve an HOA violation – rest assured that our team is up to the task!

 Not only will your experience be top-notch with us, but it’s also backed by a satisfaction guarantee – because getting things done right matters most! So let us take care of all your exterior cleaning needs today. Reach out now for the best results from start to finish!

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Our professional pressure washing equipment and cleaning agents can remove most stains from driveways and pavers. However, it is not also guaranteed to have a 100% success rate! It is important to understand that concrete and pavers are very porous. Therefore when certain stains such as oil and grease seep into the pours, it can be challenging to remove altogether! Our staff promises to do the very best they can, but sometimes, there are non-organic stains that will only come out partially. 

Standard pressure washing of a driveway or patio can last one to two years when done correctly. For the longest-lasting results, any surface that is pressure washed should also be lightly treated with a cleaning agent to kill any organic growth that may have been missed. 

NO! We use our low-pressure soft wash method when cleaning pool cages and lanai screens. This allows us to safely remove the green algae and dirt from the screen and aluminum framing without causing any damage! We advise against ever using a pressure washer to clean your screens as it will cause rips, tears, and subpar results. 

We recommend pressure washing the exterior of your house once a year! This will maintain most paint manufacturers' warranties while keeping your home looking great. Some homeowners go too long between cleanings, leading to the deterioration of their paint and accelerated oxidation

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