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Due to the high humidity and tropical weather here in Florida, you may find that your roof is starting to turn green or forming black streaks! However, there is no need to worry as there is an effective and safe way to restore the original look of your roof! Soft wash roof cleaning, also known as low-pressure roof cleaning, is the new modern style of cleaning a roof. This form of cleaning is extremely gentle but also effective at providing long-term results. Roofing manufacturers state this is the preferred cleaning method that should be used to clean any style of roof.

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Other traditional cleaning methods, such as power washing, use too high of pressure and can cause extreme damage to a roof, especially asphalt shingles! Hiring a company that cleans roofs by pressure washing might cost you thousands in damage. This is one of the many reasons we have invested our money and time into proper equipment and training certifications! Our technicians are trained and ready to provide you with a painless roof cleaning experience! By doing so, we have been able to help hundreds of homeowners like yourself bring back the original curb appeal of their homes.

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It is essential to know that low-pressure roof cleaning is the safest method on the market. This style of cleaning does not void the warranty on a roof, unlike the traditional pressure washing technique. We get asked many questions daily about soft wash roof cleaning, and you can check out the most frequently asked questions below. However, it is important to note that when it comes to using cleaning agents and detergents to clean your roof, it should only be done by professionals like Spray Wash Exterior Pros! Improper use of chemicals can cause minor damage to your home and plants when the proper precautions are not taken. So, make sure to only higher licensed and insured roof cleaning companies!

Yes! When soft washing is done correctly, it can be entirely harmless for your landscape. For a soft wash roof cleaning to be completed correctly, the landscape and vegetation must be thoroughly watered and protected from overspray or runoff before and during the cleaning process. More sensitive plants, such as those that flower, may be covered for added protection. Once the cleaning process is complete, it is ideal to rinse down the plants one more time with fresh water and applying a neutralizer if necessary. When these precautions are taken, there is very little chance that your landscape will be damaged!

The duration of the results will depend significantly on the weather, climate, and landscape around the home. If you have your roof soft washed, you can expect results to last 3-4 years. On the flip side, pressure washing your roof will only last about a year. Soft washing is better for your roof because it has to be cleaned less often. In turn, this means fewer people will walk on your roof, which minimizes the potential for damage.

On average, soft wash roof cleaning costs more upfront than its power washing counterpart. However, soft wash roof cleaning saves you money in the long run! Soft washing costs more because it requires cleaning agents and detergents to complete the job. Pressure washing roof cleaning only uses water, which lowers the cost of cleaning your roof. Unfortunately, the downside to not using cleaning agents is that the results do not last as long. Pressure washing roof cleaning can last between 8-14 months. Whereas soft wash roof cleaning will last 3-4 years! Therefore, when you break down the numbers, our soft wash cleaning method will save you money!

ALL roofs can be soft washed! Since this style of cleaning uses very little pressure, it is safe on all residential and commercial roof materials. This includes the standard tile, shingle, metal, and TPO roofs. We follow the recommended cleaning guidelines by roofing manufacturers. On top of that, our technicians have taken hours of training to understand the fundamentals of roof cleaning. Every day we perform tile roof cleaning and shingle roof cleaning services for homeowners throughout the Treasure Coast. Contact us today and become one of our many happy customers!

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